early North American canoe factory 'display samples' 1870-1930. Exhibited @ CDOCA.


What this site is all about ...

 For over 30 years, I have collected model canoes - everything from rare Indigenous pieces around the World, to antique early North American factory samples. My purpose, here, is to share information, promote interest in this hobby and assist those who wish to know more. 

My collection about ten years along.....

What you'll find inside ...

Here you can find many photos of items I have gathered, share in my collecting adventures and learn about books, museums, canoe heritage groups which will add to your knowledge and hopefully provide deeper insight into these marvelous treasures. 


Great places to visit ...

 Did you know there are museums dedicated to canoes and kayaks? Plan a visit to the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, ON,  where you can see the World's largest collection of paddled watercraft; or to Spooner, WI, and the  Canoe Heritage Museum .
I support both and encourage you to do so, as well.


Friendly groups and sites ...

 If you love older canoes, join us in the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association  and check out 'Fans of WCHA' . If you're into outdoor collectibles - vintage hunting decoys, antique fishing lures, powder tins - try clubs like Midwest Decoy Collectors Assoc.  or Canadian Decoy & Outdoor Collectibles Association .


Need help?? ...

 Ask away; there are never any foolish questions, just folks too shy to ask. Want help identifying something? Perhaps evaluating or appraising it? If I don't have the answer, I'll try to put you in touch with someone who does. 

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